How Big is a 24 inch TV?

All television sets look alike at first glance, but take a deeper look and you discover technological differences which will dramatically affect your viewing pleasure. How big is a 24 inch TV, after all, you don’t want the picture you see on the advertisement not to give you a good picture in your own living room. Twenty-four inches is one of the smallest sizes available for a TV but we take a look to see just how big it really is.

How big is a 24-inch TV?

The advertised screen size of a TV is the diagonal of the TV.  Diagonal length is the one corner of the TV to the other corner of the TV set.  So if you’re measuring the width of the screen, check the distance from corner to corner diagonally and don’t include the bezels, just the screen. Bezels make the overall size of the TV a bit bigger.

So essentially what you get with a 24 inch TV is the width being 20.9 inches and the height being 11.7 inches. In centimeters, a 24 inch monitor will be 61cm diagonally.

An advantage of this small TV size is that it’s so inexpensive. If you’re looking for a smaller TV like the 24 inch you don’t have to think for one minute that you’re getting something inferior.

Small in size, big on features

The smallest smart TVs like the 24 inch are still big on features and functionality. They can do well in a bedroom. Many people use them in kitchens so they don’t miss a thing when they leave the living room to whip up a drink.

TV experts tell us that if you’re going to buy a new TV, then a wise move would be to buy a 4K TV which means it has 4K resolution.

4K TVs have four times more pixels than your regular Full HD TVs. It means you get more vivid and detailed images because of the greater pixel density.

Room size and distance for 24 inch TV

Before you choose the right size TV for a room, take a good look at the size of the room and also the spot where you want to place your TV set. Do you want your TV set mounted on a table or sideboard or are you thinking about mounting it onto a wall?

You need to measure the distance between the desired location of your 24-in TV and your seating.  You can view a 24-inch TV comfortably and get a good picture at around 6 feet away from it. In general, a 24-inch TV will suit being in a small to medium size room such as a bedroom.

One of the main TV quality considerations in a room is the resolution.  The best resolution of a 24 inch TV is 1920×1080. Because 4K TVs have such a high resolution, you’re able to sit  closer to them and still benefit from a clear picture.

Will a 24 inch TV fit in my car: transporting

Yes, a 24 inch TV will fit into- and be transported easily enough in any size car really. However, to keep it safe, you’re going to need a number of materials to transport it in your car. It can be useful if you opted to keep your 24-in flat screen TV’s box.

If possible, use the original packaging material, and if you no longer have it, make use of bubble wrap and some kind of tight-fitting box. The corners of your TV set are always vulnerable, so look for ways to protect the corners within the cardboard box.

When you bought your TV as new, it came with foam inserts, but if you no longer have yours, wrap additional bubble wrap around the corners. Place your TV in an upright position in your car. This means it is better to place your TV on the back seat of your car or on the floor behind the front seats.

Fitting a TV into a car

Fitting a TV in your car for viewing isn’t an easy task, and yet the Internet has information on how to install a TV in your car so that it is safe and secure. Choose the location for your TV set – either in the center console or behind the driver and passenger seat headrests. You will be guided as to how to mount the TV and connect the necessary cables. It can be amazing watching TV while going on a long road trip.

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24 inch TV models – which one is the best?

If you’re looking for the best 24 inch TV for your home, these compact television sets are available at affordable prices. These smart TVs are packed full of features and also allow you to stream, surf the web, play music, launch apps, control smart home devices and play video games from the different ports.

Check the best 24 inch tv’s

Some of the 24-inch TV brands available today are:

  • Samsung
  • Sansui
  • Insignia
  • LG Electronics
  • Vizio
  • Supersonic
  • Sanyo
  • Element
  • Sceptre
  • RCA
  • Westinghouse

Of these brands, the Vizio D-series with dimensions 22.15 x 13.21 x 2.36 inches offers superb picture quality and voice control offers automatic updates too. It is considered the best overall TV ri buy. This 24-inch smart TV with wifi comes with a built-in Google Chromecast. 

The Westinghouse with dimensions 21.62″ x 12.81″ x 2.95″ is considered an excellent budget 24-inch TV and you can benefit from having access to popular streaming channels such as Netflix and Apple TV. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and has built in wifi.

If you live in a small place and don’t have much space, the 24-inch Insignia LED HD Fire TV Edition is a cool choice. With its dimensions being 7.1 x 21.7 x 14.4 inches, the 720p-resolution TV can work. It has some smart features such as Alexa being built in so that you can use your voice to navigate and also play content.


When people ask how big is a 24 inch TV, apart from manually measuring it and measuring your room, a small TV like the 24 inch is a super choice for small living rooms, man caves or in the  kitchen.

Don’t be fooled by its small size though because they are packed full of amazing features and placed correctly in a small room, they can be the centerpiece of your home in the limited space you have. 

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